Additives for Renewable Fuels

SBZ Corporation supply and continue to expand its portfolio of Additives for Renewable Fuels to meet the ever-growing challenges and demand.

With the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, and hence containment of carbon dioxide emissions, the use of renewable or alternative fuels is forever gaining momentum.

Ethanol, produced from biomass, is one such renewable component which can be added to gasoline, with benefits in reduced fossil fuel consumption.

Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) produced from vegetable oil, often derived from seeds, have been added to diesel fuel for many years to extend crude oil-derived fuels.

Fuels containing bio-components have seen a steady increase in use and demand.

Additives play a constructive and profitable role in reducing potential operational problems allowing customers to meet fuel specification requirements.

Other Key Benefits:

SBZ Corporation provides technical and commercial advice on our available fuel additive range  – for various applications, countries and regulatory requirements.

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