Finished Fuel Additives

SBZ Corporation supplies additives that are unique to the ‘finished’ fuel specification, suitable for use anywhere along the fuels supply chain.

SBZ’s Finished Fuel Additives consists of several category classifications.

Conductivity Improvers (ASA): Improving the electrical conductivity of the fuel and dissipating electrostatic charge. Used in aviation and ground distillates.

Odour Abatement: Improving the objectionable odour and reducing complaints

Formulated to remove contaminants from fuels that can cause corrosion, odour or pose safety hazards.

Fuel system Icing Inhibitor (FSII):
Prevents the formation of ice crystals by reducing the freezing point of any water present – mandatory in military aviation.

Fuel Borne Catalysts:
Fuel-Borne Catalysts significantly reduce the energy input required to achieve regeneration and generally facilitate the operation of diesel vehicles fitted with DPFs.

SBZ Corporation provides technical and commercial advice on our available fuel additive range  – for various applications, countries and regulatory requirements.

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