The Major Alternative

SBZ specializes in formulating, manufacturing and supplying additives to the global fuel and lubricant markets. 

About SBZ

The Major Alternative

SBZ is committed to offering an extensive portfolio of innovative and high-quality products that precisely cater to the diverse needs and the ever changing demands of our valued partners.

Through our performance additive packages, we aim to empower our customers to enhance their lubricant oil and fuel products’ performance, reliability, and efficiency.

As a visionary company, we understand the importance of collaboration and long-term partnerships. We strive to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, ensuring that we actively listen to their requirements and deliver tailored solutions that surpass their expectations.

Your comprehensive product and service provider for over 20 years

The consistent growth of SBZ is due to our passion for the industry, excellent product range and dedicated, experienced and well-connected teams globally.

SBZ has invested significantly in the business, expanding manufacturing capacity, toll blending, global storage and key distribution partnerships – meeting increasing demands for our products. 

We are swift in adapting to the global market and legislative changes; taking a collaborative and proactive approach with customers, suppliers and government agencies across the world.

Proud to manufacture in the USA

SBZ CORPORATION is proud to announce we are now also manufacturing our range of Performance Lubricant Additive Packages within the USA, to push growth and support for our clients in The Americas. 

Key benefits include:

• Local stock of finished products to assist our customers with managing their demand and growth opportunities.
• Competitive lead times, enhancing our supply chain efficiencies.
• Competitive treat rates and formulation costs to support growth.
• Dedicated USA sales and technical teams for additional support.
• Quality assurances.
• Global supply chains offer streamlined logistics.

Contact our USA team today for a quotation or to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Our Mission

SBZ CORPORATION’s mission is to promote mutual growth in the fuels and lubricants sector by providing alternative additive solutions.

Our Vision

SBZ CORPORATION’s vision is to continue its global expansion as a premier manufacturer and as the go-to supplier of performance lubricant additive packages, fuel additives, base oils, lubricant components, waxes, process oils, metalworking and industrial lubricant additives.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction will help us achieve our vision in a responsible and responsive manner.

Meet the Sales Business Managers

Strategically based across the UK, Europe, the UAE and the USA, our experienced team help find the right solutions for your requirements. Contact us today for a quote or more information.

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