Fuel Biocides Additives

SBZ Corporation supplies fuel biocides that prevent and combats microbiological growth, by fungi and bacteria that can occur in any stage of the fuels supply chain.

SBZ’s portfolio is suitable in fuels across land, sea and air.

From the moment the fuel leaves the refinery to the point at which it is loaded into the engine, exposure to the risk of microbial contamination is continuous.

If microbial growth develops in any of the transport locations, it can contaminate the fuel, leading to a list of problems.

Key Benefits:

Our commitment

SBZ work with our approved supply partners to improve awareness and management of microbiological problems. We partner with specialist suppliers in the industry to help guide our customers with satisfactory resolutions.

SBZ is also able to supply products that will meet Commercial airlines and military operators, airports, general aviation, MROs and jet fuel suppliers – all associated with IATA & DEFSTAN.

SBZ Corporation provides technical and commercial advice on our available fuel additive range  – for various applications, countries and regulatory requirements.

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