Fuel Dehazing Additives

SBZ Corporation supplies a range of emulsion breaker chemistries suited to individual fuels within the supply chain.

SBZ supplies a range of Fuel Dehazing Additives suitable in fuels across land, sea and air. Dehazers are used across markets in detergent packages or as spot treatments on refinery or terminals.

Water contamination can be present in the fuel anywhere in its distribution system, and with agitation, can become entrained within the fuel as a stable emulsion. Problems of filter blockages, microbiological growth and corrosion are some of the main observed issues which can be easily resolved with the correct chemistry. 

Emulsion breakers modify the interfacial tension viscosity within a fuel and allow coalescence and this separation of the water and fuel. A broad range of chemistries are available.

Other Key Benefits:

SBZ Additives are available with the following approvals:

SBZ Corporation provides technical and commercial advice on our available fuel additive range  – for various applications, countries and regulatory requirements.

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