Marine / Residual Fuel Additives

SBZ Corporation supplies several Marine and Residual Fuel Additives – required to ensure customers and end users achieve and meet future legislations.

Heavy fuel oil was once the ‘bottom of the barrel’ or known as residual fuel that was thermally cracked or hydrocracked to achieve profitable fuel products. The outlook of refining heavy fuels potentially will become more aromatic (waxy). This inadvertently along with sulphur and NOx emission reduction requirements will make these Heavy fuels less stable and more prone to compatibility blend issues.

Depending on fuel quality and its application prior to combustion, end users often decide on the nature and scope of the chemical treatment required.

Additive treatments may vary with the different applications; the fuel characteristics requiring treatment are broadly common to all the uses of heavy fuel oil.

Future government and environmental legislations have seen a rise in research and development in heavy fuel additives, with SBZ working closely with partners to ensure a portfolio that will meet our customer demands.

Our portfolio includes additives:

SBZ Corporation provides technical and commercial advice on our available fuel additive range  – for various applications, countries and regulatory requirements.

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