Antioxidants & Stability Additives

SBZ Corporation’s range of antioxidants enhance stability, improve performance and extend the storage life of fuel.

Antioxidants and Stability
SBZ provide fuel Antioxidants and Stability Additives in a variety of blends and dilutions, from the phenolic and aminic antioxidants and sweetening agents for gasolines to blends of antioxidants and metal deactivators. We also supply biodiesel antioxidants which stabilise fuels to meet the stringent international regulations and OEM standards and prevent deposit formation on diesel engines. Both crude oil-based and renewable feedstock-based fuels are prone to degradation.

Key Benefits Include:

Antioxidants and stability additives are used as preventative measures, and we have a range of products to meet a variety of needs and applications relating to antioxidants and stability in fuels.

Depending on the desired performance level, SBZ Corporation can provide advice on the correct additive and treat rate to ensure customers’ requirements are met.
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