Our Newest Business Manager

Welcome to the team Tanya Hawthorne! As our new Business Manager for Surfactants, Polymers, and Coatings, Tanya will be working closely with Sales Director Reggie Disley and the rest of our team to ensure business growth, whilst continuing to meet the satisfaction of our customers. With over 20 years’ experience, and in-depth knowledge of surfactants … Read more

Welcoming our new technical director

SBZ is delighted to welcome Alistair Little to the team. Working as our technical director, Alistair brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the role. We believe Alistair will be a terrific asset. On behalf of SBZ’s ever-expanding team, welcome onboard!  What is your role within SBZ? To lead the technical team and develop and … Read more

SBZ Corporation is delighted to welcome Bailey Halls and Jodie Wall as our newest members of the Customer Operations team. Working alongside our UK, USA and European colleagues, they will oversee the ordering and distribution of our high-quality additive packages, upholding our excellent customer service and efficient delivery. With two years of experience working in … Read more

Delivering our products safely and on-time is our number one priority. Keep a look out for our SBZ Corporation branded trucks on the road, delivering our high-quality products to our loyal customers.

More than ever, being close to nature is so essential to all of us. SBZ is very excited to visit our meadow, at last, to make plans for the re-wilding project. Led by Barley Wilson MSc at Natural Gardens, based in Norfolk, the goal is to create a beautiful flower meadow for insects and nature … Read more

The base oil and lubricant market are still in recovery from the effects of the pandemic, the stormy season in the USA and reduced global production. SBZ has seen a significant increase in demand for products across the range during the last year. Our steady expansion of bulk storage facilities and strengthening supply chain relationships … Read more

Joining the team as our new marketing apprentice, working alongside Stephanie Palmer (marketing manager) and Reg Disley (sales manager). Hollie will be a part of our team –highlighting the great products and excellent service SBZ provide. “I can’t wait to get stuck in and share ideas with the team. I love being creative, and I’m … Read more

With our team based in the USA, led by Megan Barrick and Pasquale (Pat) Iannone, we remain a member and continue to forge connections with ILMA (Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association). We look forward to face to face meetings with you very soon. Stay connected…🇺🇸 T: +1 (832) 390 2653

SBZ Corporation’s health & safety manager, Les Campen, answers a few questions about his experience, role, and passions. What is your role within SBZ? To manage health & safety, environmental and security issues. What does your role involve? I am working alongside SBZ colleagues to implement safe systems of work and ensure continued legal compliance, … Read more

SBZ 8516 is a dedicated Motorcycle Engine Oil additive package tailored for the unique demands of 4-stroke motorcycle lubricants. SBZ 8516 is cascadable for different performance requirements, offering optimised treat rates for a wide range of viscosity grades. SBZ 8516 is built from a new platform vs a PCMO platform allowing the challenges associated with … Read more