We welcome Johan Himpe to the SBZ Corporation sales and development team, working as our account manager, based in Belgium.   Johan brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the role and extensive experience in sales, business development and the distribution management of fuel and lubricant additive packages, worldwide. Johan is key to supporting our … Read more

Want to find out more about SBZ Corporation’s dedicated low SAPs crankcase additive package? Premium performance for low viscosity fuel economy engine oils where phosphorus is limited to 0.05%. Developed specifically for the European Market.   Top tier robust antioxidant and dispersant platform with excellent field performance. If you are a lubricant blender, contact our … Read more

Today, the SBZ team are delighted to ‘WEAR IT PINK’ and fundraise for Breast Cancer now! We are all looking forwards to a late afternoon quiz, cakes (by Zoe) and coffee! Our socially distanced, virtual UK office team and our sales teams across Europe & the USA, will be joining us… We will raise money … Read more

Meadows and species-rich grasslands can support a huge range of wildlife and provide other environmentalbenefits, including carbon storage and habitat for crop pollinators.  Once an intrinsic part of the British landscape, bursting with colour and wildlife; they have, since the 1930’ssuffered a sharp decline. This important habitat now covers just 2% of the UK. Increasing … Read more

SBZ Corporation supplies a comprehensive range of fuel additives throughout Europe helping refiners and terminal throughputters meet all performance demands. Our additives include detergent packages, cetane boosters and cold flow improvers. The change from Summer to Winter diesel demands a timely turnover and additisation of stored oil to ensure compliance with the CFPP limits of … Read more

SBZ manufactures a wide range of PCMO, HDDEO, agricultural and industrial lubricant additive packages. We also produce bespoke and custom packages tailored for our customers’ requirements. Our latest product offering includes a Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) and a Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) / Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF).  Both packages demonstrate superior corrosion and … Read more

SBZ Corporation supply oil additive packages to the lubricant and fuel industries. Our chemists and technicians, work collaboratively with you to develop and manufacture high quality packages; suitable for a wide range of applications. SBZ Corporation deliver worldwide; working with our global supply and distribution partners across the UK, Europe and the USA. If you … Read more

Based in Hull, the new facilities will store both SBZ Gasoline Performance Additives and SBZ Diesel Performance Additives. “The new facilities help streamline our processes and logistics, allowing for stock to be easily monitored and reducing delivery lead times to our Customers. This also helps reduce our carbon footprint; requiring less delivery trucks on the … Read more