Welcoming Stuart Taylor, Product Manager

SBZ is excited to announce the appointment of Stuart Taylor as Product Manager. What is your role within SBZ Corporation? I am a Product Manager at SBZ. What does your role involve? I am responsible for the development of the SBZ product portfolio by assisting with growth, long term diversification and supporting the sales team. … Read moreWelcoming Stuart Taylor, Product Manager

Go Further with SBZ Cetane Improver

Go further with SBZ Corporation Cetane improver.  Increasing the Cetane number of your diesel blends with SBZ 2-EHN will enhance your formulations, allowing for improved Miles Per Gallon, increased power for Diesel engines, and lower emissions. SBZ 2-EHN is available for global delivery to suit your needs. sales@sbzcorporation.com

SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

🏆 Megan Matlock 🏆 The second of SBZ’s USA team champions in 2021! Megan has worked as SBZ Corporation’s USA Sales Manager for almost one year, developing relationships with existing and new customers and strategically planning to grow business in the USA.  Megan brings over five years of Lubricant Additive industry experience to the table, a bachelor’s … Read moreSBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

🏆 Bob Heritage 🏆 The First of our manufacturing plant champions 2021! Bob has worked at SBZ Corporation for four and a half years. Bob works on Plant Maintenance, ensuring that the manufacturing plant, which runs 24 hours a day, runs safely and efficiently, meeting our customer’s requirements. Bob also maintains the head office, making sure it … Read moreSBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

Jo Underwood is the first of our operations team champions in 2021.  Jo is cool, calm, and collected at all times, allocating shipments of goods globally – efficiently, on schedule, meeting all technical and legislative requirements. Jo is a keen footballer and supports younger team players in the community as a coach. Thank you, Jo, … Read moreSBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Fuel Additives

By introducing E10, it is anticipated that carbon dioxide emissions from UK vehicles will reduce by approximately 750,000 tonnes per year, equivalent to removing 350,000 cars from the road. The addition of ethanol into petrol has been a long-established practice within Europe, North and South America to help reduce the environmental impact of fuel use, … Read moreSBZ Fuel Additives

Welcoming our new Technical Director

SBZ is delighted to welcome Alistair Little to the team. Working as our technical director, Alistair brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the role. We believe Alistair will be a terrific asset. On behalf of SBZ’s ever-expanding team, welcome onboard!  What is your role within SBZ? To lead the technical team and develop and … Read moreWelcoming our new Technical Director

Welcome to the team!

SBZ Corporation welcomes Michael Hoey to the sales and development team, working as our Technical Director. Based in the USA, Michael brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the role and great industry experience; with over twenty USA patents granted and extensive experience in the planning, development and budgeting of fuel and lubricant additive packages, … Read moreWelcome to the team!

Luke Deadman – Sales Manager. Q&A’s

What is your role within SBZ? I am the Sales Manager for SBZ, I am responsible for the SBZ Sales team and UK sales. What is the skill set you need to excel at your role?As Sales Manager you need to have multiple and varying skills. It’s important to be able to look at the … Read moreLuke Deadman – Sales Manager. Q&A’s