See you at SURFEX 2022

SBZ Corporation will be attending SURFEX 2022 On the 7th and 8th of June, our technical team, including Alistair Little and Triana Borrull, and Business Manager Tanya Hawthorne, will be attending Surfex 2022 at the Coventry Building Society Arena. The team is excited to attend and speak to you about the future of the industry. Contact the … Read moreSee you at SURFEX 2022

SBZ Corporation is delighted to join the OCCA Community

SBZ Corporation is delighted to join OCCA (The Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association) and feature in the latest Surface Coating International Journal. We are proud to be part of the OCCA community and looks forward to expanding upon and sharing knowledge…  To find out more about the advantages of joining: http://www.occa.org.uk If you would like to explore the products SBZ Corporation … Read moreSBZ Corporation is delighted to join the OCCA Community

SBZ is Committed to Helping Your Business Flourish in 2022

SBZ Corporation is committed to helping your business flourish in 2022, with our range of quality Metalworking Fluids and Industrial Lubricant Additives, including; Corrosion Inhibitors, Metalworking Additives, Lubricity Additive, Low Foam, Emulsifiers, Phosphate Esters, Ether Carboxylates, Sorbitan Esters and Coupling Agents. For more information please email: sales@sbzcorporation.com

SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

🏆 Our Valued Customers 🏆 The final window to open on our Champions calendar in 2021! SBZ Corporation would like to say a huge thank you to our existing customers who have remained loyal throughout another challenging year for everyone. Together in 2021, we worked through Brexit, haulage, and covid challenges. Resilience, flexibility, honesty, dedication, loyal support, … Read moreSBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

🏆 Alistair Little 🏆 The third of SBZ’s technical team champions in 2021! Alistair works as the Technical Director at SBZ Corporation, working with the technical team to develop formulations and new products to enhance our extensive portfolio of products, used in a range of applications including; Lubricant Additives, Surfactants, Polymers and Coatings, Dyes and Markers and … Read moreSBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

🏆 Lorraine Male 🏆 The third of SBZ’s accounts team champions in 2021! Lorraine has worked as a part of SBZ’s account team for almost three years, bringing valuable experience from various financial positions to the team. Lorraine’s role includes corresponding with the customer operations team, making sure invoices and credit limits are up to date, producing … Read moreSBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

🏆 Reggie Disley 🏆 The fourth of our sales team champions in 2021! Working at SBZ Corporation for over ten years, Reg brings a wealth of knowledge and insight about the industry to the team. Reg is highly effective in his current role as SBZ’s Sales Director, managing and overseeing an experienced sales team across five global … Read moreSBZ Corporation Champions 2021

Surfactants to Meet Your Requirements

SURFACTANTS SBZ Corporation offers an extensive portfolio of quality surfactants to meet the requirements of manufacturers worldwide, including but not limited to; anionic, cationic, non-ionic, and amphoteric across a broad range of specifications. In addition, we have an extensive range of polymers and coatings additives which complement this. VARIOUS CHEMISTRIES Working together, we provide bespoke … Read moreSurfactants to Meet Your Requirements