SBZ Corporation would like to extend our deepest thanks to our customers, suppliers, distributors and global team for all your support in 2020. We look forward to shared growth, innovation, passion for the industry and spending quality time with you in 2021!

SBZ Corporation is delighted to be part of the UK ChemOnline virtual event, 19th-20th November. It’s free to register and attend. Set up by the Department for international Trade (DIT) and supported by CHEMUK, the event supports UK companies working within the chemical sector. The virtual event offers participants the opportunity to visit stands to … Read more

SBZ Corporation enjoyed a very interesting and productive IP Week, spending quality time with our global customers and fuel partners. We would like to thank everyone who attended our brunch event, held at ‘The Gherkin’. Great conversation and company: we truly value your time.

SBZ are busy preparing for an exciting ICIS 2020. We are scheduling a number of key meetings with our customers and partners.  We pride ourselves on long-term, trusted and transparent relationships. If you are new to the services and products SBZ offer and would like to meet up to discuss how we can work together, … Read more