Luke Deadman – Sales Manager. Q&A’s

What is your role within SBZ?

I am the Sales Manager for SBZ, I am responsible for the SBZ Sales team and UK sales.

What is the skill set you need to excel at your role?

As Sales Manager you need to have multiple and varying skills. It’s important to be able to look at the bigger picture, including the overall strategy. I need to create a sales plan that sets out clear actions and goals, meeting the customers’ needs, whilst supporting the business’s objectives and values.

It requires good interpersonal, communication and motivational skills – both customer facing and within the business. Open communication is essential to help the team move forward together, building on individual experiences, whether it be sharing ideas, market information, discussing successes, areas of growth and raising issues or concerns. In the long run to do my job, I need to lead by example and support those
around me. The goal is to build on the already great foundations of SBZ Corporation and continue to
grow the business.   

How long have you worked within the industry? 

I have been working in the industry for nearly 10 years, I started fresh out of University. Prior to joining SBZ I worked for the UK subsidiary of a German based chemical company, mainly focusing on lubricant additives and speciality base oils.

How long with SBZ?

I started in January 2020, so at the time of writing almost 9 months. This year has flown by, it feels like only yesterday that I was walking into the office for my first day.

What are the challenges you face?

This year, you cannot escape the fact that the Coronavirus Pandemic has become a huge challenge for all businesses. A key part of my role is to be market facing… Being home based in the short term has meant I have embraced new ways of working. The phone has always been there, but using the latest technologies is now key to maintaining daily contact with my team and customers.

What are your plans going forward with SBZ?

To keep working closely with our customers and the team – to stay ahead of the market. SBZ are continually investing in the company, including the laboratory and Research & Development, which has already – and will continue to bring some great new products to the range. I am looking forward to getting out and discussing these with our customers as soon as possible.

SBZ are in the process of recruiting some fantastic new people to join our experienced team and we are increasingly growing our global profile. So long may this continue.

How do you lead and keep up to date with innovations, technologies and new approaches?

The majority of what I have learnt has come from listening to those around me and learning from experience. At SBZ we are lucky to have an experienced and very knowledgeable technical team who keep fully up to date with new innovations and are always happy to share them with the team.

I also think having a good relationship with customers and industry associations allow me to keep up to date with the market trends and challenges.

How do you spend your free time? Favourite hobby…

If you were to ask anyone that knows me, they would tell you my favourite hobby is taking up hobbies. My garage is full: golf clubs, fishing rods, bikes, rackets, hiking gear, etc; the list goes on. I think the saying ‘all the gear and no idea’ would sum it up. In general, most of my free time is spent with my friends and family, normally catching up over a beer.

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