SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Champions Day 16

🏆 Alex Howes 🏆

The first of SBZ’s Manufacturing plant team champions in 2021!

Alex has worked as a plant operator in SBZ’s UK Manufacturing Plant for almost two years, helping to maintain the day-to-day running and product output. Working twelve-hour shifts – both days and nights, Alex is hard working and always smiling! 

On a day-to-day basis, Alex is responsible for starting and overseeing bulk blends of SBZ’s premium lubricant additives, topping up the blending system with required products, filling drums and IBCs with the product, emptying and loading tankers ready to be transported to our customers around the world – safely and efficiently. Our plant operators are truly the backbone of SBZ, and we are forever grateful.

Alex likes to spend his free time socialising with friends and attending football matches. He also enjoys travelling, exploring and keeping fit and healthy by running. Thank you for all your hard work in 2021! 🎄⭐️

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