SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Corporation Champions Day 17

🏆  Nathan Blades 🏆

The second of SBZ’s Laboratory team champions in 2021!

Nathan joined SBZ Corporation with a first-class master’s degree in forensic science (University of Kent) and five years’ experience working as a Laboratory Technician. Nathan has worked in SBZ’s laboratory for almost two years, testing samples and raw materials that arrive at the plant. The results complete the ‘Certificate of Analysis’, supplied with every lubricant additive bulk blend. Nathan also works on research and development projects led by our technical director @Alistair Little and project manager @Benjamin Hunter, sending samples worldwide.

Working twelve-hour night and day shifts allows SBZ to test, produce, and ship products 24hours a day, ensuring excellent results and quick responses. 

In his free time, Nathan is a film fanatic and enjoys learning how they are made and gathering interesting little factoids about them. His knowledge is put to use, enjoying quizzes, writing his own stories (mostly horror), and entering publishing competitions with friends.

Nathan has a strong work ethic, is highly effective in his role and is a genuinely nice person to spend time with. Thank you for your hard work for both SBZ and our valued customers! 🎄⭐️

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