Q&A with Charlie Pluck – SBZ Accounts Assistant

Hi Charlie. Welcome to SBZ Corporation. How are you feeling about your new role?

Thank you. I am currently two weeks in and really enjoying working here. Everyone has been very welcoming towards me and I am picking up the job role quickly. 

What is your new job role? 

Accounts Assistant. My role is primarily to work alongside the SBZ accounts team and supporting our finance manager Steph Arber.

How long have you worked in the industry? 

This is my first job in the industry. I have spent the majority of my career in the construction industry, so this role offers a welcome change. 

What made you choose accountancy as a career choice?

I am not too sure to be honest. Stereotypically it is one of the most boring careers to persue, however I have enjoyed it so far and met some great people along the way. 

I have always been good with figures and a lot of family members work in finance so there is probably an influence there. 

What are your plans going forward with SBZ

I plan on completing my accountancy studies and go on to become a chartered accountant within the next few years. 

What’s your favourite hobby?

My favourite hobbies are going to the gym and playing football. I’ve played football all my life and I’m also a fully qualified personal trainer.

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