lubricant additives

SBZ Corporation welcomes Michael Hoey to the sales and development team, working as our Technical Director. Based in the USA, Michael brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the role and great industry experience; with over twenty USA patents granted and extensive experience in the planning, development and budgeting of fuel and lubricant additive packages, … Read more

Sea-Land is now an authorized distribution partner in North America for SBZ Corporations series of unlicensed transportation lubricant packages. “We are excited to offer the SBZ line of engine oil components and packages to our customers in North America”, stated Craig Lundell, Sr. VP of Commercial Operations and Europe. “These high-quality products serve a specific … Read more

Hi Charlie. Welcome to SBZ Corporation. How are you feeling about your new role? Thank you. I am currently two weeks in and really enjoying working here. Everyone has been very welcoming towards me and I am picking up the job role quickly.  What is your new job role?  Accounts Assistant. My role is primarily … Read more

In 2019 SBZ delivered to over 18 countries worldwide, spanning several time zones and languages. Delivering fuel additives, lubricant additive packages and formulation components, dyes and markers, base oils and specialist oils and products. A big thank you to our operations team! Left to right, top: Jordanne Underwood, Zoe Holder. Left to right bottom: Vicky … Read more