Q&A with Carsten Wonneberg- Account Manager

Hi Carsten, how has your week been? 

It has been a fun and challenging week! It is always exciting to see if you can make agreements with potential customers and to be able to submit competing proposals.

What does your job role entail? 

I advise existing customers on products and applications with help from my valued colleagues. I meet with potential new customers to produce bespoke package quotations! I investigate additive needs in the Market and with the help from my colleagues, developing and producing new products. 

How long have you worked in the industry? 

Since 1986!

What are your plans for SBZ in 2019 and what have you achieved so far? 

My plans are to Increase sales with existing relationships and continue to grow our customer base. Working with the Sales Team, we have built our customer base significantly already this year. If you could choose to be any famous actor, who would it be and why? All of the James Bond actors! Do I really have to explain why? 

To contact Carsten;
Email: carsten.wonneberg@sbzcorporation.com
Call +31 6282 58048
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