Zoe Holder, celebrates the teams achievements

As part of the family team, Zoe Holder has worked at SBZ Corporation for the last four years. Gaining experience across many departments, including sales and marketing; Zoe now works as one of our operational leads. Zoe is also part of the team responsible for implementing our new CRM systems, set up to further improve procurement processes, delivery and customer care.

Our team has faced the challenges of 2020 head on.

Despite the challenges of 2020, we are on target to achieve a 51% increase this year on the global delivery of packaged products, (drums and IBCs), across our lubricant and fuel additive portfolio.

“Our operations team are great listeners with empathy for our customer’s needs.

The team have remained adaptable to change, responsive, patient and communicated positively throughout – taking responsibility for orders and deliveries efficiently.

It’s a great time to pause and celebrate the team’s achievements”. Zoe Holder

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