SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Champions day 21

🏆 Charlie Pluck 🏆

The second of SBZ’s accounts team champions in 2021!

Charlie has worked as part of SBZ’s accounts team for over two years, covering all areas, including working on the purchase ledger and covering the finance for base oil and lubricant additives. Charlie aspires to become a chartered accountant and to progress within the company. 

Team-mates and colleagues at SBZ see Charlie as hard-working and always putting in 110%, ensuring that everything is completed on time to a high standard. He is always looking for ways to improve the accounts team processes to make day-to-day work run smoothly and efficiently for everyone.

Outside of work, Charlie is a fitness fanatic and enjoys working out and going to the gym, making sure to keep fit and healthy. When he isn’t in the gym, Charlie is out socialising, watching football and spending time with family and friends. 

We look forward to seeing Charlie reach his potential and excel in his career. Everyone at SBZ appreciates your hard work and effort this year; thank you! 🎄⭐️

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