SBZ welcomes Tia to the laboratory team for work experience.

With a history of supporting students and colleagues at the start of their careers within the lubricant and fuel additive industry, SBZ Corporation welcomes Tia to the laboratory team for work experience whilst studying at USP College (Seevic Campus).

Tia answered a few questions about her career and educational path and ambitions for the future:

What course are you currently studying and where?
I am currently studying a ‘BTEC Level 3 – Applied Science’ course at the USP College (Seevic Campus).

What are your career ambitions?
I’m not sure yet, but working in a laboratory is very appealing, especially now that I’ve spent some time in the SBZ laboratory.

What essential skills do you consider are critical to succeed in your career?
Working in a team, attention to detail, analytical and communication skills, plus excellent maths skills are necessary for working in a laboratory.

What drew you towards a science-based career, and why would you recommend it to others?
In simple terms, science investigates the building blocks of life, and that’s always interested me. It’s a fact – science is all around us, all the time, and not everyone takes notice of it. It’s good to be informed about why things happen and why things react a certain way. I’d recommend it to others because there is so much to learn within science, and it feels like you have a better understanding of what is going on around you.

What have you enjoyed most about your time shadowing the technical team? 
I have enjoyed getting to know the people at SBZ, and I have also enjoyed learning how the laboratory equipment works, the workflow of lubricant additive manufacturing and understanding what the company does.

What are your next steps? Course options?
I’m currently in my first year at college – in the second year, the course group splits into two. One group of students studies biomedical science, and the other studies forensic science. I have been considering forensic science as it is more chemistry based than biomedical, and I prefer chemistry. After the second year, I will look at future steps like university. I am interested in attending university, but I don’t yet know what I would like to eventually do.

“Tia has fitted into the team very well and has shadowed and been trained in several laboratory methods. Tia has shown an immense interest, is very intelligent, hardworking, listens and has been a pleasure to have in the team”.
Chris Taylor Laboratory Technician

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