SBZ Corporation welcome Robin Lloyd to the team as Technical Manager

What is your role within SBZ?

I am the technical manager for lubricant and fuel additives.

What is the skill set you need to excel at your role?

Someone very wise once said “Find a job you love, and you won’t work a day again”. If you have an interest in what the company makes and sells then it’s probable you’ll enjoy the role and be successful at it. Therefore, I’m fortunate that I never get bored talking about cars, trucks and especially engines. 

Like most roles one of the most important, and underestimated skills, is the ability to work with different people from different disciplines particularly in a relatively small company like SBZ. Finally, for the technical requirements of the job a logical mindset is vital and this helps if it is aligned with a scientific / technical background. 

How long have you worked within the industry?  

I’ve been in the oil and petrochemicals industry for over 20 years. I started in lube and fuel additives then went into the food industry which took me to biofuels. Biofuels took me to the oil trading and a few years in the cargo inspections world. During this time I have worked within sales / business development, technical, operations, trading, and quality assurance roles.

How long with SBZ?

I started in March

What are the challenges you face?

Initially it was to learn about the range of additive packages that SBZ makes and become familiar with the customers. This was not easy considering the restrictions imposed on working and travel during the Coronavirus. As restrictions continue to ease I am really looking forward to meeting with customers and seeing what we can do in order to work together to develop new additive packages for them. 

What are your plans going forward with SBZ?

To work as productively as I can with colleagues and customers and enjoy it. SBZ is a very innovative business and always looking to develop and offer new product lines. I hope I can contribute to the success of these new lines and the continued growth of the company.

How do you lead and keep up to date with innovations, technologies and new approaches

Previous experience has taught me that customers are usually the best source of industry trends but there is no shortage of literature available to keep individuals updated on the additives and wider oil markets.

How do you spend your free-time? Favourite hobby…

I participate in various sports to varying standards: running, squash and golf and I’m trying to keep playing and practicing the guitar. Plus, I have a couple of kids who always need something, usually my time or money!