SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Champions Day 5

🏆 Luke Deadman 🏆

The first of SBZ’s Northern team champions in 2021! 

Luke Deadman works as SBZ’s Lubricant Sales Manager. Based in the North of the UK, Luke is perfectly positioned to spend quality time with our valued lubricant and manufacturing customers. 

With a degree in business economics and background in performance additives, Luke’s methodical, technical approach to the task at hand gives rise to excellent customer service. Luke also supports and liaises directly with our team based in Europe, focussing on the wider market.

Luke has a passion for cycling, and we are all jealous of his jaunts away, taking on new challenges. Luke is highly engaging, focussed, and an excellent asset for the company! Thanks for everything you do for SBZ and our valued customers! 

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