SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Champion Day 4

🏆 Pat Iannone 🏆

The first of SBZ’s USA team champions in 2021! 

Pat Iannone works as our General Manager in the USA. Based in New York (an avid supporter of the ‘Yankees’) – Pat brings a scientist’s discipline, an engineer’s practicality, and an artist’s creativity to the table. He responds to challenging situations with creative thinking and unique problem-solving skills that involve innovative application designs, improving the quality and efficiency of existing processes and systems. 

Pat helps manage growth within the market, training and offers support for the USA lubricant additives team – liaising closely with the UK. Pat is an absolute joy to work with and has superb people skills. He is highly focused and a great team player! Thanks for everything you do for SBZ and our customers in the USA! 

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