SBZ Corporation Champions 2021

SBZ Champions Day 13

 🏆 Triana Borrull 🏆

The second of SBZ’s Technical team champions in 2021!

Triana is the Product Manager for surface coatings at SBZ Corporation, working on emulsion formulations. With a master’s degree in Chemistry, Triana has a wealth of knowledge, along with over four years of experience in the industry, working first hand with Polymers and Coatings. Her typical day at SBZ involves; preparing formulations and researching new products and technologies within the industry – working towards future innovations for SBZ.

Triana is very sociable, always smiling, and brings a happy atmosphere to SBZ. Besides her busy social life and her love for shopping, Triana is a self-confessed chocoholic and is currently enjoying learning how to make cocktails. Thank you for the hard work and bright personality you bring to the team! 🎄⭐️