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quality lubricants additive packages

Like many companies, SBZ Corporation is developing a sustainability strategy that benefits the environment, economy and communities in which we work. Our process includes focussing on the energy required for the development, manufacturing and shipment of products working within an ISO 14001 environment.

Formulated using high-quality components, our lubricant and fuel additive packages are designed to help drive your blends’ value and performance. They offer competitive treat rates, meaning less product is required to achieve optimum results, reducing logistics, with fewer trucks on the road. Our additive packages are developed, minimising the need for added boosters, helping to reduce energy output and complexity. 

We offer an extensive portfolio of products to meet the needs of international and independent fuel and lubricant groups including; fuels supply terminals, fuel blenders, lubricant manufacturers and fuel wholesalers on a regional basis. Together, we’ll find the right additive solution for your blends.

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