Q&A’s SBZ Laboratory Technician Nathan Blades

What is your role within SBZ?

I’m a Laboratory technician working in the laboratory – based within SBZ Corporation’s UK manufacturing plant. I am part of the team who test every blend, that we process and deliver to our global customers.

What skill set do you need, to excel within your role?

You need to have patience and good organizational skills, to test samples efficiently and thoroughly – meeting our customers requirements 100%.

How long have you worked within the industry?  

I’ve been working in scientific laboratories for the best part of five years, after spending four years studying analytical science at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

How long have you worked at SBZ?

I’ve been with SBZ since January this year and really enjoying it.

What made you choose a Laboratory Technician, as a career choice?

Laboratories have always been my thing. I’ve always felt at home in a lab and I have quite an analytical mind.

What are your plans going forward with SBZ?

I plan to stay with SBZ Corporation, long-term. Increasing my knowledge of analytical techniques and the industry as a whole. SBZ is a great company to work for, who genuinely encourage self development and progress, through internal mentor ship and training courses.

How do you lead and keep up to date with innovations, technologies and new approaches 

I keep up to date by learning from my co-workers in the lab. I am part of a great team! Guided by our chief chemist and technical managers; we regularly share insights, news and updates. 

How do you spend your free-time? Favourite hobby…

I’m quite a fanatic on films. I had recently received a scratch off poster for “100 films to see before you die” and enjoyed completing that over the course of a year.

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