Q&A with Cameron Watts – Advanced Sales Apprentice

Hi Cam, how has your week been?

Hi readers, my week has been good and productive, it is very busy in the SBZ offices but I like to be kept busy!

Since joining in September 2017, what product knowledge and skills have you gained?

Since joining SBZ way back in 2017 I have gained a huge amount of product knowledge. Being part of the sales team it is important to have an understanding of the products and how they are useful. I have especially technical team who seem to know everything!

What are you particularly proud of to have achieved over the past 2 years?

How my help and support within recognised by my colleagues. During our sales team meeting back in May, a few of my colleagues mentioned how my help and support had been a contributing factor to their success. This made me very proud as it is good to know my hard work in the office is paying off.

What goals do you have set in place for the next 2 years?

Over the next 2 years my plan is to take on some more customer accounts and make more customer visits with the team. I feel this will improve my confidence and help further my development. I also want to continue to improve my product knowledge.

What is your favourite film and why?

My favourite film would have to be “The Wolf of Wall Street”, I love the story line and the acting is phenomenal.

Q&A with Cameron Watts - Advanced Sales Apprentice

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