Q&A with Benjamin Hunter – Technical Manager

Hi Ben, welcome to your first Q&A! How has your week been?

So far, so good – preparing for the latest trip to Europe to visit one of our key customers and on my way to the office from Scotland as I type.

What does your job role entail?

My role is cross functional across lots of different parts of the SBZ team.  I am responsible for the laboratory team which carries out all our quality control analysis for our production plant,  I also work on the development and testing of new formulations during which I work closely with the sales and marketing teams as well as our Chief Chemist.  This will involve sourcing or indeed developing novel raw materials so I work with our supply partners to ensure we develop the right product for our customers.  I spend time on the road visiting customers with the sales team and attending industry events.

How long have you worked in the industry?

Five years, coming up to three with SBZ.  

What are your plans for SBZ in 2020 and what have you achieved so far?

We will continue to develop our product portfolio with some additions in the works already. We also plan to continue joint development projects with customers into 2020.

If you were only allowed to eat one chocolate bar for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

 Mars Bar because I have to live up to Scottish stereotypes and deep fat fry them.

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