Engine Oil Booster Packages

Boosters can aid in increasing resistance to deposit and low-temperature sludge formation, offering effective dispersancy.

Engine Oil Booster Packages

Engine Oil Boosters are used in conjunction with our additive packages.

Other benefits include

  • Compatible with all readily available base stocks and viscosity modifiers
  • Designed to protect engines in cars, light and heavy duty trucks
  • Option to formulate lubricants across a wide range of gasoline and diesel applications
  • Cost effective approach to producing engine oil products

Our additive package booster components can aid in increasing resistance to deposit and low temperature sludge formation, offering effective dispersancy in diesel engine, natural gas and marine cylinder lubricants, as well as offering effecting rust/corrosion control.

Depending on the desired performance level, SBZ Corporation can provide advice on the correct additive and treat rate to ensure customers’ requirements are met.