More than ever, being close to nature is so essential to all of us. SBZ is very excited to visit our meadow, at last, to make plans for the re-wilding project. Led by Barley Wilson MSc at Natural Gardens, based in Norfolk, the goal is to create a beautiful flower meadow for insects and nature to flourish. 

We spent the day analysing the soil, studying the growing plants, and marking out a 1-acre test area for establishing a natural meadow, with native perennials and cornfield annuals for instant colour. 

A mix of natural hedging currently borders the meadow, including; Wild Rose, Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Field Maple, Hazel and Dogwood, offering protection for nesting birds. An old oak tree and a coppiced lime tree sits on the edge of a large trench, which provided sand for the local brickmaker. The field was previously planted with game maise and sorghum to provide wildlife shelter for Pheasants over Winter, so the soil is of poor quality, which is ideal. 

Thank you, Barley, for all your knowledge and experience, and we look forward to the big push in Autumn to prepare and seed the meadow. It is great to be giving back and connecting with nature.

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