Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from SBZ

Wishing our colleagues, family, and friends a very happy thanksgiving! Have a wonderful day celebrating and giving thanks to those around us.

Thanksgiving has been celebrated by all states in the USA since 1863, when Abraham Lincoln recognised it as a national holiday after Sarah Josepha Hale wrote countless letters to politicians for almost 40 years. Lincoln finally set national ‘Thanksgiving’ by proclamation for the fourth Thursday in November. The holiday tradition has stayed the same since, with the exception of 1939-1941, when Franklin D. Roosevelt changed the holiday to be celebrated on the third Thursday of November for business reasons.

‘Thanksgiving’ is now a celebration of the blessings of the year and the harvest. Food is the centre of ‘Thanksgiving’ hence why Americans celebrate this day with family meals consisting of traditional American dishes like; Turkey, Mash potato, and Pumpkin Pie. It is common for people to also attend church services and sporting events during the holiday. It is also increasingly common for large public events to take place, such as the famous ‘Thanksgiving Parades’ in multiple states across America.

‘Thanksgiving’ starts the beginning of the Holiday Season in the United States, which is an exciting and joyful time of year. May this season bring you peace, happiness, and gratitude. ❤️🥧

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