E10 – Helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the UK

The UK Government is currently assessing responses to the consultation on introducing E10, gasoline containing up to 10% bioethanol. The purpose of extending the biofuel inclusion is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By introducing E10, along with increased biofuel obligations, it is anticipated that carbon dioxide emissions from UK vehicles will reduce by approximately 750,000 tonnes per year, equivalent to removing 350,000 cars from the road.

SBZ Corporation is pleased to confirm that the fuel additives it supplies have all been tested in E10 and we have data demonstrating their efficacy. For current customers this means that when E10 is introduced you can continue with the same additive for E10 EN228 gasoline whilst continuing to offer E5 protection grades. If you are not currently taking fuel additives from SBZ why not open discussions with us now about our range and how they can help you market your fuel?

Email: Sales@sbzcorporation.com for any enquiries and to discuss further.

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