SBZ 8516 is a dedicated Motorcycle Engine Oil additive package tailored for the unique demands of 4-stroke motorcycle lubricants. SBZ 8516 is cascadable for different performance requirements, offering optimised treat rates for a wide range of viscosity grades. SBZ 8516 is built from a new platform vs a PCMO platform allowing the challenges associated with the MCO lubricating the engine gears and clutch demands to be targeted effectively.

Top tier componentry translates to excellent protection against thermal and oxidative degradation, as demonstrated in very high-temperature deposit control performance testing. Excellent frictional characteristics (JASO T903:2016 MA2 clutch rating) support product differentiation for maximum power transfer and premium rider feel. JASO MB clutch performance can be targeting with the addition of our top treat friction modifier giving durable frictional characteristics for scooter applications.

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