Fuel additives may only be a small component of the wider fuel supply chain but they are essential for product quality assurance.  Since SBZ Corporation secured its fuel additive storage in Hull, its throughput of additive has amounted to hundreds of thousands of litres. This has enabled us to reduce vehicle movements, (reduce our carbon footprint), … Read more

As part of the family team, Zoe Holder has worked at SBZ Corporation for the last four years. Gaining experience across many departments, including sales and marketing; Zoe now works as one of our operational leads. Zoe is also part of the team responsible for implementing our new CRM systems, set up to further improve procurement processes, … Read more

SBZ Corporation is delighted to be part of the UK ChemOnline virtual event, 19th-20th November. It’s free to register and attend. Set up by the Department for international Trade (DIT) and supported by CHEMUK, the event supports UK companies working within the chemical sector. The virtual event offers participants the opportunity to visit stands to … Read more

SBZ Corporation welcomes Michael Hoey to the sales and development team, working as our Technical Director. Based in the USA, Michael brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the role and great industry experience; with over twenty USA patents granted and extensive experience in the planning, development and budgeting of fuel and lubricant additive packages, … Read more

We welcome Johan Himpe to the SBZ Corporation sales and development team, working as our account manager, based in Belgium.   Johan brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the role and extensive experience in sales, business development and the distribution management of fuel and lubricant additive packages, worldwide. Johan is key to supporting our … Read more

Want to find out more about SBZ Corporation’s dedicated low SAPs crankcase additive package? Premium performance for low viscosity fuel economy engine oils where phosphorus is limited to 0.05%. Developed specifically for the European Market.   Top tier robust antioxidant and dispersant platform with excellent field performance. If you are a lubricant blender, contact our … Read more

Today, the SBZ team are delighted to ‘WEAR IT PINK’ and fundraise for Breast Cancer now! We are all looking forwards to a late afternoon quiz, cakes (by Zoe) and coffee! Our socially distanced, virtual UK office team and our sales teams across Europe & the USA, will be joining us… We will raise money … Read more

Meadows and species-rich grasslands can support a huge range of wildlife and provide other environmentalbenefits, including carbon storage and habitat for crop pollinators.  Once an intrinsic part of the British landscape, bursting with colour and wildlife; they have, since the 1930’ssuffered a sharp decline. This important habitat now covers just 2% of the UK. Increasing … Read more